Thursday, November 1, 2012

Personalized service from Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service

Our Account Managers can help you with an interim solution -True Customer Support/Full Service Production/Ongoing Training -We will have your tracking results flowing within 24 hours of first contact -Unlimited keywords and tracking results for TV and Radio News -Real-time reports with Options for Immediate Download Formats -Nielsen Audience and Advertising Values for PR Measurement -Complete Preview Video to see how your stories aired -Integrated online dashboard to view, sort, share, analyze, and archive stories and requested segments -Flat fee pricing fixes your monthly per clip fees -Web monitoring/social media plug-in starting at less than $100/month -Integrated Media Contact Database and Press Release plug-in State, Regional, and National Press Clippings Available Magnolia has offered press clipping services since the beginning. In this time we have learned that in order to make our clients happy, we must simply provide the best, the fastest, most complete news monitoring available. This includes digital and hard copy delivery of news articles at the lowest possible cost. At Magnolia we create the clipping service around you, our client. The Process After a thorough interview to determine your exact news media search parameters, our trained staff will formulate a strategy to get you the print articles you need. With access to press clippings from around the world, Magnolia can be your one stop shop for all your news monitoring needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and costs. Press Clipping Rates Several levels of press clipping service exist. With rates starting at only $65/month and $0.65/article, we can find a level of service that works within any budget.

Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Services TV News Clips

TV News Clips Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Services records all of the news all of the time. Our video news archive contains the most comprehensive media content in the United States including all 210 U.S. television markets as well as extensive national network and cable programming. Our media archive also includes hyper local news programming from local public access and cable TV stations as well as extensive local and national radio news content. News clips are available from many stations for years after the original broadcast date. TV News clips can be delivered anywhere anytime thanks to our network of fifty full service production offices. Video clips can be delivered in the format of your choice. Digital Delivery - Streaming video delivered right to your desktop. DVD - High Quality news segments output to DVD. Video Preview - View an unedited high quality stream of your news clips shortly after the actual air time. To order news clips or learn more, call 601-856-0911

Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Services

Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service is committed to providing the most comprehensive, cost effective, and easy to utilize media analysis services. By combining TV, Online News, and Social media monitoring information into a single easy to use platform, clients gain the ability to cost effectively monitor, manage, share, and analyze all of their media coverage. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service provides news monitoring of more than 25,000 hours of broadcast content each day from more than 700 local stations nationwide, from the top markets to smaller markets, plus the national and cable networks. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service Reports deliver throughout the day, every day, powerful information needed by Public Relations and Strategy Management executives across the U.S. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service also provides comprehensive online news and social media monitoring. By monitoring more than 400,000 online news sources, over 5 million blogs and social media sites, clients gain the ability to monitor online and social media mentions at the hyper-local and national level. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service Online News and Social Media Tracking Reports deliver real time access to the media information necessary for Reputation Management and Competitive Intelligence.

What is a Media Monitoring Service?

A media monitoring service, a press clipping service or a clipping service as known in earlier times, provides clients with copies of media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand; what they provide may include documentation, content, analysis, or editorial opinion, specifically or widely. These services tend to specialize their coverage by subject, industry, size, geography, publication, journalist, or editor. The printed sources which could be readily monitored greatly expanded with the advent of telegraphy and submarine cables in the mid- to late-19th century; the various types of media now available proliferated in the 20th century, with the development of radio, television, the copier and the internet. Though media monitoring is generally used for capturing content or editorial opinion, it also may be used to capture advertising content. Media monitoring services have been variously termed over time, as new players entered the market, new forms of media were created, and as new uses from available content developed. An existing group may provide such a monitoring service, as it relates to their main purpose, while a monitoring agency generally provides such as their main business. Alternative terms for these monitoring services as well as the information they provide include: Press clipping service or agency Media cutting service or agency Information Logistics Service Media intelligence Media information services