Thursday, November 1, 2012

Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Services

Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service is committed to providing the most comprehensive, cost effective, and easy to utilize media analysis services. By combining TV, Online News, and Social media monitoring information into a single easy to use platform, clients gain the ability to cost effectively monitor, manage, share, and analyze all of their media coverage. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service provides news monitoring of more than 25,000 hours of broadcast content each day from more than 700 local stations nationwide, from the top markets to smaller markets, plus the national and cable networks. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service Reports deliver throughout the day, every day, powerful information needed by Public Relations and Strategy Management executives across the U.S. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service also provides comprehensive online news and social media monitoring. By monitoring more than 400,000 online news sources, over 5 million blogs and social media sites, clients gain the ability to monitor online and social media mentions at the hyper-local and national level. Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring Service Online News and Social Media Tracking Reports deliver real time access to the media information necessary for Reputation Management and Competitive Intelligence.