Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Utilizing Media and Media Monitoring Services in the Legal Atmosphere

Utilizing Media and Media Monitoring Services in the Legal Atmosphere

In The Beginning
In order to know where we are going we have to understand where we have been.
Old Days Old Ways At Home Manual searching
High school Grandfather reading at night at home
Mrs. Godwin with the Godwin Group Bama my Great Grandmother’s Friend
Four Quadrants of News Print Internet Television and Radio
Two Offices over 30 employees
Newspaper Clipping Today
The industry has come a long way
Modern techniques
2 southern states
Index Cards Out
Computers in
Reference Identify Account
Over 1 year to train a reader
Bar coding
Circulation statistics and reports
Clip Analysis
Clips on disc
Regular hard Copy Newspaper clippings
Tracking Press Releases
Clients Legal
Unknown to them or their organization
You Missed it…. Once its gone its gone
Baptist hospital administration
Previous media response
Media Training How to handle the media better (what to say what not to say)
Innovators… the first clipping service in the 80s to become computerized.
Olfa Mats and circular razor blades
Internet Monitoring
Internet publications
Specific internet sites
Publications with internet sites not the same as the hard copy newspaper
Different version, revised versions, abbreviated versions, less detailed information
Pro faster con Less info
Clips on disc
Permanent archive
Easy to share
print email fax sort
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Kidzone to kids
Ageless heroes
Insurance related topics
MS Department of insurance topics

Broadcast Monitoring
VCR Betamax to VHS to VCR
Manual logging, meaning someone would have to watch ever minute of every newscast and manually summarize or transcribe each newsstory into a database
Client asking for total Media Monitoring
Print mentions mixed in with Television and Radio Monitoring
Want to come to one source for all media needs
Then manually / Now international automated closed captioned. Digital recorded internet uploads instant views multiple servers
All stations in Mississippi and Alabama 24/7 news 210 markets in the use nearly more than 2500 local channels over 100 cable stations across the US.
Specialty recordings
News Entertainment Morning show
News Content
MS Outdoors
MS Roads

Television Stations refer callers to us,
We also act as the Television Stations backup
Trick of the trade, it is cheaper before the subpoena call first before issuing a subpoena

File manipulation
Upload raw data to a local database as well as a central server on the internet backbone.
Searchable 2 second searches

Board of Directors of the organization that run this data sharing
Clips available on the internet, can not store them, nto DVD quality
DVD klilled VHS

Daily multiple Daily delivery
Daily Summery
AM from Same Day
PM from night before

Reports acts as a menu from which to choose clips
From none to all
Some representative clips
Build clients master reels some go back to 1992
Same day or Overnight delivery on DVD all of our markets.
We record everything whether we know you need it or not.
Permanent archive for Jackson market.
An archive is an investment for us.
We have clients that are law firms all over the country

Special Analysis Built
For instance we knew the people running for public office long before they even announced themselves.

Special Searches
Hard and expensive
Ongoing searches
Easy sharing of files over the internet.
Order Extra DVD’s for archives or discovery

Send clips in high resolution or portable low resolution for blackberry’s and PDA devices

Media Analysis
Sample Reports
Killen Trial
Horton Tobacco Trial

Crisis management
Trail Wrecks
Fish Kills
Employees interviewed by the media

Radio Monitoring
For long periods of time without being there to flip the cassette tape over we would then record in 6 hour mode on the audio only on VHS tape. Now we use computers to record multiple stations at once, the trouble is what to record, and when. The next issue is an old one, how to get what was said on the radio into a digital text searchable format. (still a troublesome issue today) we now monitor statewide several networks reaching into all 82 counties of Mississippi.